Party Girl Gets Her Pussy Destroyed on Her Final Day

The Training of a Party Girl, Day Two

I the WorkoutShe says she excersises. I doubt it. I want to see her sweat. I want to make her dirty. I want to stress her out. All without leaving a mark. I find out if she is as fit as she thinks she is. It only takes a few moments of stress positions and barking orders in her face, and I know.II Nipple TrainingTraining a slave to respond the way you want is all about conditioning. When the reinforcer for that conditioning is multiple orgasms, it is possible to get very real results in a short period of time. This is the second session in our attempt to make her come from nipple stimulation.III Inverted Deep ThroatShe hangs and twists in an inverted suspension. I blindfold her and tell her to find the cock.IV in the AssHer slutty asshole is nicely presented as she is bent over a simple post, her wrists and ankles all tied together. I spank it till she begs for cock, then spank it some more. She takes the come all over her porn star ass, and tells us what she learned today.

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The Training of a Party Girl, Day One

I First ImpressionsShe looks hot in that little dress. Tits press hard against the fabric, straining for release. Her ass jiggles in tight sheer panties underneath. Combined with that slutty, submissive gaze my dick hardens just looking at her. This is the new trainee, Audrey Hollander.She has been taking it in the ass and deep thoating cock on porn sets for 8 years, but her knowledge of our world is limited. She is skittish, used to getting slapped around by heavy handed porn dudes for the fuck of it. It is safe to say we need to build a little trust if this is going to work.II the InterviewI decide to start slowly with this one. First things first, I tie up those round, full tits and cut her out of that slutty little dress. A flogger gets me the information I need to begin building a training plan. She is eager to please but unsure of how much latitude to give me. So I show her I can play nice.III Slutty AssholeOne thing I am sure of is that she likes it in the ass the best. Bend her over a bench with her legs spread wide, and tie her tightly into place. Her sluttle asshole is pulled open by the coarse hemp rope, and her hips are immoble. I find the largest rubber dick in the cart and begin to fuck her ass with it to illustrate just how much she likes it.IV Nipple TrainingHer nipples are super sensitive and she thinks that is a weakness. She protects them. As a dominant, the best way to get what you want from a submissive is to show it is in the submissive’s best interest to let you do what you want. And I want those tits and nipples. So I make a pitch to train her to orgasm from nipple stimulation. Open, says me.

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